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Literacy Products

P&I Educational Solutions provide instructional technology products and resources to improve skills in reading, writing, and comprehension.

  • Games
  • Vocabulary
  • Interactive Stories
  • Mini-courses

Literacy Services

P&I Educational Solutions present at conferences, conduct workshops, and do consultations. We focus on reading comprehension and fluency.

  • Consultations
  • Training
  • Workshops

Literacy Product Samples

The bible story of Daniel in the lion’s den was used to develop a children’s storybook, music, games, and other activities. Some are given here. Others can be seen on the Activities page.

Printable of Daniel in the Lion’s Den Story
Read the story online or print and read offline
Daniel in the Lion's Den Story

Vocabulary Activity of Daniel in the Lion’s Den Story
Read the instructions for the vocabulary game

Memory Game from Daniel in the Lion’s Den Story
Click on each block to find the matching words